Serenity Cottage 
Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreat

Guest Testamonials

~"Love the decor and functionality of the house, especially the large dining table, multiple bathrooms and beautiful screened-in porch (our favorite part)!"

~"Loved the crop room - the lighting and space, the tables and chairs!"

~"The beds were comfortable and the bedrooms were pretty and spacious."

~"We are all excited to come back next summer!"

~"Had a fabulous is beautiful!"

~"Thank you for the nice chairs in the craft room, individual trash cans & cup holders."

~"Lovely location, close to DC, but a nice change of scenery."

~"Very comfortable bedrooms...good variety of beds...liked all the bathrooms!"

~"The cottage was fabulous!  Whenever I wanted something, I only had to look and I'd find it.  I would love to come back!"

~"Thanks!  See you next year!"

~"Serenity Cottage was so-o-o-o comfortable, warm and homey.  Felt like I was a special guest - not like a paying guest."

~"Love all the quality items in the kitchen and scope of items provided."

~"The cottage feels like home...lots of thought went into it.  Doesn't feel like thrift store leftovers!"

~"I loved it and we are making plans to come back!"

~"The best thing I liked about the cottage is the amazing decor, newness of the cottage and lots of bathrooms."

~"The cottage was so nicely furnished and the decor so nice that it made me want to take care of your beautiful cottage."

~"Thank you!! Always love coming and making memories with friends." 

~"You have a 5 star place for scrapbookers to make their temporary home.  Thank you for all the little touches that made Serenity Cottage a paradise in Virginia!"

~"Your cottage is absolutely beautiful, truly a peaceful and tranquil place to stay and scrapbook. Thank you for all the beautiful touches."

~"Beautiful place.  Enjoyed scrapping with friends in such a peaceful setting."

~"Your thought into creating an environment of peace and creativity was spot on.  Thanks much for a place which I enjoyed with my friends."

~"This place is amazing - true gift to scrapbookers! Love the home and the care you've put into it. Thanks for sharing it."

~"What a beautiful, peaceful home you have.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  I love the peacefulness of the surroundings sitting on the porch.  Can't wait to return."

~"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANOTHER LOVELY WEEKEND! Can't wait to book our next visit!"

~"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It was heaven."

~" Every. single. year! Each year, starting in April, we all begin to get excited about our trip to the beautiful Serenity Craft Cottage in quiet and relaxing Bayse! WE have, once again, had a wonderful 4 day trip here, filled with laughter, great conversation, fantastic food, quiet times on the porch, and on and on... Your home and attention to every little detail on our behalf is greatly appreciated!  Can't wait to be back next year.  Many, many thanks."