Serenity Cottage 
Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreat

Guest Testamonials

~"Love the decor and functionality of the house, especially the large dining table, multiple bathrooms and beautiful screened-in porch (our favorite part)!"

~"Loved the crop room - the lighting and space, the tables and chairs!"

~"The beds were comfortable and the bedrooms were pretty and spacious."

~"We are all excited to come back next summer!"

~"Had a fabulous is beautiful!"

~"Thank you for the nice chairs in the craft room, individual trash cans & cup holders."

~"Lovely location, close to DC, but a nice change of scenery."

~"Very comfortable bedrooms...good variety of beds...liked all the bathrooms!"

~"The cottage was fabulous!  Whenever I wanted something, I only had to look and I'd find it.  I would love to come back!"

~"Thanks!  See you next year!"

~"Serenity Cottage was so-o-o-o comfortable, warm and homey.  Felt like I was a special guest - not like a paying guest."

~"Love all the quality items in the kitchen and scope of items provided."

~"The cottage feels like home...lots of thought went into it.  Doesn't feel like thrift store leftovers!"

~"I loved it and we are making plans to come back!"

~"The best thing I liked about the cottage is the amazing decor, newness of the cottage and lots of bathrooms."

~"The cottage was so nicely furnished and the decor so nice that it made me want to take care of your beautiful cottage."