Serenity Cottage 
Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreat

Policies and Procedures

Oh, no...  RULES!!?  Yes, just a few to keep you safe and ensure you have an enjoyable stay.  The rules are also necessary to keep Serenity Cottage and its surroundings as pristine and pleasant as you would like them to be.

~Maximum of 10 persons at the cottage at any time.

~Sorry, NO Pets allowed.

~NO SMOKING inside the cottage or anywhere on the premises.

~NO FIRES, candle flames or ANY open flames inside or outside (including grills).

~No persons under the age of 21.

*Note:  Any violations of above restrictions will result in loss of deposit and/or possible additional charges.  You also may be banned from renting Serenity Cottage in the future.

*Guests should be advised that the owners of Serenity Cottage assume no liability for personal injury, loss or damage of personal property, or acts of nature.  By renting Serenity Cottage, you release the owners and representatives of all liability.