Serenity Cottage 
Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreat


How far is it to Serenity Cottage? 
It's a beautiful drive through some of Virginia's prettiest country, rural roads and farm land.  Serenity Cottage is located near Bryce Ski Resort in Basye, VA.  

Specific directions will be provided to you once you make your reservation.

(Distance and times are approximate)

FROM                             DISTANCE                       TRAVEL TIME
Wash, DC                            95 Miles                            1 hr., 50 min.
Charlottesville, VA            60 Miles                            1 hr., 15 min.
Roanoke, VA                      123 Miles                          2 hr., 25 min.
Manassas, VA                    75 Miles                             1 hr., 30 min.
Richmond, VA                   112 Miles                           2 hr., 10 min.
Virginia Beach, VA            203 Miles                         3 hr., 35 min.
Charlestown, WV              60 Miles                            1 hr., 15 min.
Frederick, MD                   105 Miles                           1 hr., 55 min.

Get Directions To:
Resort Drive
Basye VA 22810